Welcome to Google Apps for Education at RISD!

What is Google Apps for Education?
Google Apps for Education is a grouping of Google's applications (Mail, Calendar, etc.) available to the RISD community. Not all Google Apps are available to RISD.

What Google Apps are available to RISD users?

How do I access Google Apps for Education?
The RISD Google Mail sign in page serves as the portal to RISD's Google Apps.  http://mail.risd.edu

Experiencing problems with Google Apps?
Check out Troubleshooting Google to help diagnose common problems or contact the Service Desk at (401)454-6106 or servicedesk@risd.edu.

New to Google Apps? View the Google Overview.
Click on the video below for an overview of Google Apps. Want more videos? Click the navigation links under "Google Apps" to see Gmail, GCal and GDocs overviews.

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