Calendar FAQs

Q. How do I share a calendar?
See Google's instructions for Calendar Sharing.

Q. How do I add another user's calendar?
See Google's instructions for Adding a Calendar.

Q. What are the Google Calendar defaults with regards to sharing?
The domain default for sharing outside of is to see free/busy only. Users are not able to share more information or allow managing of events outside of

The domain default for sharing within is also to see free/busy. Users will have the ability to override this setting and allow others to see more information and manage events.

Q. Does Google have a busy search feature?

Yes. Google Calendar lets you check guest’s availability while creating the event invitation, however you will only be able to check user's calendars that have been shared with you.

Q. I have another Google calendar under a consumer Google Account. How do I export and import the calendar into my RISD GAE Account?
First see Google's instructions for Exporting a Google Calendar, then see Google's instructions for Importing a Calendar into Google.

Q. Why am I not seeing my event invitations?
Check your setting notifications under each calendar to make sure you have enabled notifications for new events.

Q. Can I set up automatic reminders to guests for an event I created?

There is no way to set automatic reminders for guests. Users will receive auutomatic notifications based on their calendar notification settings.

You can send guests a reminder message from the event. Simply open the event from your Google calendar and click Email Guests (located on the right near the guest list).

Q. Can I set up recurring appointments?

Yes. When creating an event you can set a recurring schedule in the event details however Google limits you to a handful of scenarios.

If your recurring event does not fit into one of these scenarios but is very similar you can use the closest scenario and change events as necessary. You will have the option to keep the events linked to the series or break them apart.

If your recurring event does not fit into one of these scenarios at all simply create the first event and duplicate it until you have set the entire schedule. Duplicated events will not become part of a series.

Q. I shared all event details of my calendar with a coworker but they are only seeing free busy on some events. Why?
Event privacy settings override calendar sharing settings. If an event is set as private, users who normally see all event details will not be able to see the detail of this specific event.

Q. How will we handle conference room reservations?
Some conference rooms have been added as Resources and you can add them as a guest to book the room. You can also see if the resource is booked when looking at the 'Find a time" section of editing/creating an event.

Other conference rooms are added as regular calendars and are managed by specific departments. Please contact the OIT Service Desk for more information.