RISD Email (GMail)

RISD uses Google Apps for Education Mail as our email system. 

Google Mail (GMail) is a web-based mail tool and is the heart of Google Apps. Easy to use and accessible from any computer, GMail at RISD is nearly identical to the public version of GMail you may already be familiar with.

Some of the key differences from other mail systems are:
  • Accessible from any computer with a browser and an internet connection
  • Uses conversation threads to group messages by subject
  • Uses labels instead of folders to categorize messages
  • GTalk (Google Chat, instant messaging) built right in and includes voice and video chat
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Offline mode and other Labs features extend the system and add new capabilities
Get started with GMail at RISD! 
Access the application at 
http://mail.risd.edu and enter your username and password. 

Help is available from the link in the upper right and from there you can access the Help Center itself or watch a series of video overviews describing the basic features and functionality of GMail.

Do you manage other mail accounts?
View Mail Delegation for more information.

Want to be notified when you have a new email message?
Check out the Google Notifier page.

Attached below you will find a quick reference guide for GMail that you can download and print for further reference.

GMail Overview