Contacts FAQs

Q. Will RISD faculty, staff, and student names and e-mail addresses appear when you begin typing an address?
Yes. RISD faculty, staff, and student contacts will auto-fill from the RISD Google Apps for Education Address Book.

Q. How will staff, faculty, or student lists be handled in Google?
The RISD Listserv (See Broadcast Email Policy) will be used for standard lists such as faculty, staff and students. 

Q. Can I create a group of users to that I send emails to frequently?
Users can create their own groups in Google by using hand picked contacts or by importing a list from an excel spreadsheet or a CSV document.

Q. Can I export a list from Excel and Import into the Google Contacts as a Mailing List.
Yes. Save the Excel in CSV format and manually import into the Google Contacts as a new Contact List.

Q. Is it possible to share Contact Groups?
The only way to shared a contact group is to export the group as a Google CSV and send it to another user to import it in to their Contacts as a group.