iPhone IMAP Settings

Use the following instructions to set up the iPhone Mail tool to access GMail with IMAP
1. Enable IMAP in your Gmail settings.

2. Tap Mail.

3. Tap Add Account.

4. Tap Other. (Note: DO NOT Choose the GMail icon as this will configure your connection for POP access, not IMAP)

5. Tap Add Mail Account.

6. Enter your account information, being sure to use your full RISD Gmail address.

7. Tap Save.

8. Enter Incoming Mail Server 
    Host Name: imap.gmail.com
    Username: username@risd.edu

9. Tap Save.

10. Enter Outgoing Mail Server Information
    Host Name: smtp.gmail.com
    User name: username@risd.edu

You can verify your Advanced settings by tapping Settings > [your RISD Gmail IMAP Account] > Advanced.

                Incoming Settings
                    Use SSL: ON
                    Authentication: password
                    Server Port: 993
                Outgoing Settings
                    Use SSL: ON
                    Authentication: Password
                    Server Port: 587

Now configure your iPhone mail application to handle mail properly:
     From your mail account's Advanced Settings:
    • Deleted Mailbox > On My iPhone > Trash
    • Deleted Messages > Remove > Never
With these settings, messages deleted from the web interface will show up only under your [Gmail]/Trash folder. In addition, messages trashed from the iPhone will show up under your iPhone Trash folder and your [Gmail]/All Mail folder.