Student Email is coming home to RISD!!!

Yes, the time has arrived!  Student email is coming home to RISD!!!


A summary of what we know to date... 

-Student's GAE (Google Apps for Education) accounts will move from the domain into the domain at Google over the December holiday break

-Students will have access to starting January 4, 2011

-All currently enrolled students in the domain will be affected

-During the migration, students will continue to have access to their email

-Does not impact students currently in the domain or Alumni 

What are the next steps...what should I do to prepare myself for this move?

OIT recommends students create an auto-reply informing all contacts they will have a new email address as of January 4, 2011 (

Students should be aware the migration will move email messages only.  Following the move, January 4, 2001, students may export their calendar, contacts, and sites.  The export process for each feature is both tested and well documented on our website (link). 

The feature without an export solution is the filters.  Those students using Google filters will need to re-create the filters in the new environment.

In order for OIT to maintain student access during the migration, students will experience some redundancies of email message in their inbox.  During the migration process, student email will be moved from to  Therefore, from the time the migration starts (December 27 - 30) and until new account access is available (January 4, 2010) any changes a student makes in environment will need to be re-done in the new risd.eduenvironment.  

Questions or Concerns?

There is a student FAQ section available here or contact the Help Desk at 454-6106 or