Create an AutoReply

Creating a Google "Auto Reply" using Labs and Filters

These instructions assume the user wants to send an auto reply to anyone who sends a message to this account, no exceptions.

Part One: Enabling Canned Responses and creating the message
1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on Labs.
3. Enable the lab "Canned Responses", click Save and exit Settings.
4. Click Compose Mail.
5. Create the message to be used as the auto reply.
6. Click Canned Responses drop down menu and select New canned response under the Save section.
7. Name the canned response and click OK.

Part Two: Creating the filter that will send the canned response
1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on Filters.
3. Click Create new filter.
4. In the To: field type your address and click Next Step.
5. Check off Send Canned Response and choose the canned response to send.
6. Click Create Filter. 

This filter will now automatically send a canned response to any person who sends you a message.