Move Google Docs

Moving a Google Doc from to

Google allows users to assign another user as the owner of a document BUT does not allow this to happen between domains. The following steps are a work around to this problem.

Step One: Sharing the Google Doc with account
1. Log into and access your Google Docs
2. Check the box next to the document you wish to share.
3. Click Share and choose Sharing Settings.
4. Enter your address under the Add People: section. 
5. Make sure the Can Edit option is selected (default).
6. Click Share.
7. Click yes when you are asked if you are sure you want to share outside of your domain.
8. Click Save & Close.

Step Two: Copying the Google Doc
1. Log into and access your Google Docs
2. Open the Google Doc
3. From Google's File menu, select Make a copy...
4. Click OK.

Rename and re-share the document if necessary.