Move Google Sites

Moving a Google Site from to

Google allows users to assign another user as the owner of a site BUT does not allow this to happen between domains. The following steps are a work around to this problem.

Part One: Share the site with the account
1. Access the site from the account.
2. Click More Actions Drop Down
3. Select Manage Site.
4. Select Sharing under Site Settings
5. Enter the account and choose either owner or collaborator. Either way will work.
6. Click Share.

Part Two: Copy the site
1. Access your email account and find the email sent about the shared site.
2. Click the link and you will be brought to the login page.
3. Click "Sign in with a different account" in the bottom left corner.
4. Enter your email address and access the site.
5. Click More Actions Drop Down
6. Select Manage Site. 
7. Select General under Site Settings.
8. Click Copy this site
9. Enter a site name and specify the URL 
10. Check Include revisions and Copy Site Members (UNLESS current members use addresses...)
11. Click Copy this site.
12. Reshare the site if necessary

Part Three: Check the site
1. Go through each embedded/linked document, calendar, video, attachment, etc to make sure they are not linking to docs, calendars, etc.
2. If necessary, move and relink documents, calendars, etc to using the instructions.